Vehicle Crashes Can Damage the Spinal Cord


Any traffic crash having a severe, or violent, impact has the potential to cause damage to the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury is an emergency, requiring prompt medical attention by experienced neurosurgery specialists. A spinal injury (kyphosis definition), sadly, may result in permanent, life-long damage.

A spinal cord injury can include bruising, tearing, or swelling (edema) of the spinal cord. Additionally, the vertebrae or discs in between the vertebral spaces may push against the spinal cord, known as “spinal cord compression.”

The spinal cord is the go-between for the brain and also the body, controlling movement, sensation, along with other important body components. Spinal injuries frequently disrupt the procedure of communication between the brain and body, along with a severe vehicle accident can cause damage to the spinal cord ranging from particular loss of motor functions to complete or partial paralysis.

The prognosis for victims of car accident injuries who have suffered spinal cord injuries has improved over the past several years, and advances in research and medicine has never been more promising. These types of injuries, however, are very complicated and often result in permanent nerve damage. You will want and need the best advanced medical treatments available to increase your recovery.

Get Medical Treatment After a Crash — Even if You Feel Okay at the Scene

In a car wreck, spinal injuries are generally caused by sharp or jerking motions as well as trauma. This may well lead to the vertebrae in your spine curvature being compacted, dislocated, or even fractured, which may also impact the nerves near that region. While the severity of a spinal cord injury may appear immediately after the crash, there are many instances in which symptoms of spinal injuries do not appear for days or weeks following your auto accident. This is why seeking immediate medical treatment after a vehicle crash is so critical — to detect what is not visible on the surface.

Florida Spine Injury Lawyer Helps Accident Victims

If you have sustained a severe spinal cord injury after a car accident caused by a negligent driver, then there is no reason you should have to battle for your medical care against indifferent insurance companies. Contact a Florida spinal cord injury lawyer at the Harris Law Firm to help you understand your legal rights, and if required, file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent parties to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, along with quality of life challenges.